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What is the TAG DIG report?
What is the TAG DIG report?
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The TAG DIG Report is our Digital Imaging and Grading report. The DIG report is accessible online and through scanning the QR code on every TAG slab. Within the DIG report, a card can be thoroughly analyzed.

With the DIG report, the user will find the TAG Score on a 1000-point scale, and an industry 10-point equivalent. The card can also be viewed stereoscopically for a further in-depth view of defects identified on the card.

The DIG report allows the user to view the population of the card within TAG’s population report, the overall ranking of the card among other TAG graded examples, and the chronological ranking of the card as far as when it was graded by TAG.

Also included is a breakdown of eight subgrades: front and back centering, front and back corners, front and back surface, and front and back edges.

As you make your way down the page the user will find more specific metrics and defect annotations for the card.

Finally, there are high-definition images of the slabbed card available to download.

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